Spiritual Quotient

Spiritual Quotient

Spiritual awareness for a successful life.


What are the four quotients: For leading a successful happy life, a complete and healthy personality is necessary. The basic dynamics involved are 1. a healthy physique, 2. sharp intelligence, 3. sound emotion, and 4. strong spiritual knowledge – PIES. Universally accepted as the four quotients necessary to lead a good life. A person with a physical disability is disabled; low intelligence means intellectual disability or mental dementia; emotional disorder means a psychopath and no spiritual knowledge means, one is an agnostic or atheists. In conclusion, when 1,2, & 3 in a person are lacking or is underdeveloped, it leads to an unhealthy and handicapped body, a cause of concern to remedy which, may or may not be possible. Despite these defects, life goes on. But when the Spiritual quotient (SQ) is weak, due to ignorance it compels one to go against the stringent laws of nature or the laws of the controller of nature -GOD in that event the consequences are disastrous. A person may due to ignorance of the laws of the country break them, but the law does not spare him. Similar is the case when one breaks the laws of God, by way of punishment one must take birth repeatedly in this world of unending suffering. Therefore, humans, unlike animals, must know and follow the tenets of Spirituality else he is a two-legged animal trapped in the cycle of birth and death.


The spiritual quotient is the knowledge which informs you about 1.who am I, 2. What is this creation? 3. Who is the controller of this creation? 4. What is my relationship with Him? 5. What is death? 6. What is reincarnation? Etc.


Every living entity has two dimensions the body and the soul. The soul is the cause of form, beauty, activity and energy in us. Without the soul, the body is dead matter and if sold in the market may fetch you Rs.500/-. When the soul is present in the body and needs medical attention, one spends large amounts leaving no stone unturned to keep body and soul together. Additionally, knowledge of Spiritual science helps one to endure the problems of life and to find solutions. Suicide is not the answer to overcome tension, fear and anxiety. Therefore, the fact that we are the body and soul stand’s undisputed. Only fools deride the existence of the soul. Undoubtedly knowledge of the body and soul are a must for a sublime life. By learning spirituality systematically one can develop a healthy SQ which is not possible by just learning material sciences.

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