Surbhiras - Pure Desi Ghee of Pure Indian Desi Cows - 1/2 litre

4.00 out of 5

3933 Donation - 1900

Quick Overview:

Surbhiras Ghee is manufactured in the divine Gaushala of Sri Sri Radha Goprestha at GIVE’s Gitalaya in Kurukshetra. People from all over the world come to visit this wonderful cowshed and the beautiful cattle here.

At present, the cowshed shelters 13 cows, 6 female calves and 6 male calves, which are of pure desi Rathi and pure desi Sahiwal species. Due to Limited number of cows, we are able to produce Limited quantity of ghee . So grab your Ghee fast. Ghee price is 1650 and courier charges are 250 rupees.

Main features:

In Sri Sri Radha Gopeshreshtha Gaushala, we ensure that the finest quality of fodder is given to the cattle especially the cows, so that the best quality of milk, curd and ghee can be made available for the Lord's pleasure.