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Sangyan Gurukul Registration

Please read the instructions carefully before applying for online gurukul classes :

  1. Parents should listen our free 13 hours course on Bhagavad Gita. It can be downloaded from givegita.com for free. 
  2. There will be an SQ Test (Spiritual Quotient Test ) and interview of parents.
  3. Students will be awarded a certificate after  successful completion of course at each level.
  4. At least 75% attendance is  mandatory for students in a month in order to be eleigible to receive the certificate at the completion of course.
  5. No student  should remain absent  in class without prior information to the respective spiritual teacher.
  6. Students need to pay a fee of 500 Rs. Per month through  fee portal on our website. The fee is payable for 3 monthsat a time,i.e. , 1500 Rs.
Sangyan Gurukul Registration form
STEP 1 : Personal Information