Kanthi Mala Mridanga


One who wears Kanthi Mala worn around the neck is very dear to Lord Krishna.

Kanthi Mala is made up of small tulsi beads. A devotee wears tulsi mala around his/her neck. The initiated devotees wear 3 rounds of Kanthi mala and non-initiated devotees wear 2 rounds. This specific Kanthi mala is a 2 round mala.

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Benefits of wearing Tulasi Kanthi mala:

  • Kanthi mala makes one dear to Lord Sri Krishna.
  • It protects the devotee from inauspicious things, for example: bad dreams, accidents, attack from weapons etc.
  • Upon seeing the Kanthi mala, he servants of Lord Yamaraja flee like leaves scattered by the wind.

How to wear Tulsi Kanthi mala?
We offer the Kanthi Mala to Srila Prabhupada, Sri hri Gaur Nitai and Sri Sri Radhagopshreshta before shipping. Therefore, you can wear it directly. For long life, dip the Kanthi Mala in Ghee or Mustard Oil for 7 days before wearing.

Rules to wear Tulsi Kanthi mala:
1. The devotee should chant atl east 16 rounds of Hare Krishna Mahamantra daily
2. The devotee should follow the 4 regulative principles.

What are the 4 regulative principles?