Sri Krishna Janmashtami 2020 LIVE
Balarama Jayanti Celebration and a Very Important Announcement Day-2
Balarama Jayanti Celebration and a Very Important Announcement Day-1
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Why to take Spiritual Knowledge (Easiest Explanation) | DSC 0009
Effect of Bhagavad Gita on Sri Vrindavanchandra Das' Life | DSC 0008

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“Power Videos” is a platform on which you can watch high quality video lectures of His Grace Shri Vrindavanchandra Das [Guruji], at your own pace and convenience!!!

Why Power Videos?

We have discontinued LIVE telecast of videos from various platforms like YouTube and Facebook. This has been done in order to facilitate uninterrupted videos with Full HD and sound quality of Shri Vrindavanchandra Das’s lectures, as desired by many of our viewers and listeners. This will be highly beneficial for you.

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Following are the various benefits of Power Membership:

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Latest Videos

Beginner Videos

Picnic videos those who are visiting our website for the first time we strongly recommend them to watch videos in the beginner section and also go through the for 3 hours Bhagavad Gita course available at the link

Intermediate Videos

Intermediate those who have heard for 3 hours Bhagavad Gita course and have just started practicing Krishna consciousness we suggest them to to go through intermediate videos and do not directly jump to advanced videos because you may not be able to fully understand the concepts given in those videos

Advanced Videos

Advanced This section is for those people who have been practicing Krishna consciousness and chanting their rounds for sometime those were visiting the site for the first time we recommend them to watch about beginners videos first this is just like ok class one student cannot understand class 5 and class 10 books similarly those who are listening this philosophy for the first time it is highly recommended for them to to listen to hours for 3 hours basic Bhagavad Gita course and watch our beginners videos

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