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November8, 2021
by giveGita

Srila Prabhupada Disappearance Day | 8 Nov 2021


October9, 2021
by giveGita


Ekadashi, its appearance and its Importance Events that led to the appearance of Ekadashi: (Story behind Ekadashi Fast) In the 14 th chapter of the Padma Purana Jaimini Rsi asks Vyasadev about the importance and significance of Ekadashi. Vyasadev enlightens his disciple by narrating the following. V


October8, 2021
by giveGita

Meaning of Vyäsa-püjä

Meaning of Vyäsa-püjä by His Grace Shri Vrindavanchandra Das Since time immemorial, pilgrims who go to the River Ganges for purification stand half submerged in her waters. In a mood of devotion, they take palmfuls of the Ganga’s own water and, with supplication and prayers, offer it back to her. Si